Midterm Presentation

Here is the link to a number of items related to my presentation for Saturday, November 6th.  The presentation itself was completed using Google Presentation within a Google Apps for Education instance.

I would have embedded the presentation using the embed code provided when it is published but WordPress.com does not support this [unless you pay for it]. I could have built a website [here it is] in Google Sites [part of the service] to display the presentation either in a widget or embedded in the page..I will explore this further. For now this will do.

Related Links:

In the end I chose a tool/service that impacts significantly on what I do in the division. My job generally is to support an evolving framework we call Technology Enhanced Learning [not very original but serves the purpose].  At the same time it allows me to explore what is possible with the service [Google Apps] from a personal perspective.  While I learn and promote the service within the division I also frame for myself how the public [personal] equivalents of the tools provided can support my own PLE/PLN.  The service itself is also a way of introducing teachers and students to tools that support the development of their own PLE/PLN that they can then extend into their own personal life.

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