Recovering Connections #CCK11

Well this is a bit of a strange first posting. I am in the middle of recovering from nasal reconstructive surgery and even though the topic matter of the course, connectivisim, learning theories, network theory, etc. is extremely interesting to me…I have discovered something. When you don’t feel well you just don’t care.

The doctor says 3 or 4 more days to go before things should be somewhat less disgusting, and the pressure in my head from blocked sinuses subsides. I actually think the shape of my head has changed. And I know the tingling in my head is not increased cognitive capacity manifesting itself as a result of the operation..wishful thinking.

So……connectivism. Hmmmm

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8 Responses to Recovering Connections #CCK11

  1. Leah says:

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Debbie says:

    Nasal reconstructive surgery? I can’t think of anything worse than messing with the nose! But, just think…soon you’ll be back on your feet again and able to sniff out all the answers amidst the chaos of our MOOC. It is this very chaos that allows me to be empathetic to the pressure in your head. Yes, I’ve got it too, but somehow the pressure of blocked sinuses sounds much, much worse. My experience as your classmate in 98908 dictates that I need your insightful, clear comments to help me make sense of things as we go along so please get better soon and join the discussion. You’ve been missed. (Oh, and while you’ve been gone, we’ve all been having some major reconstructive surgery on our connective tissue…)

    • learn231 says:

      Thanks for the note Debbie. So we all need a little “connective therapy” perhaps? One thing positive about connecting online is that nobody gets to see [except me] how large your nose can actually get when messed with.


  3. DTRSmith says:


    I have been there and it was incredibly unpleasant so I have loads of sympathy. I’ve been very lucky medically speaking, healed quickly from injuries, wisdom teeth removal, etc. Who would think a little bit of cartilage shaved off your septum would be a big deal. I tried to go back to work after one week and it turned out that trying to move around in the world caused enough pain to make it impossible to do anything. I was taking my sccond CACE course at the time and found it challenging to read, write, and think.

    Hope you recover quickly so the discussion in the course can make your head hurt instead of your nose causing it, you know, the way things should be 🙂

    • learn231 says:


      I am actually looking forward to the class causing me pain instead of my nose. It has been 8 days since the operation and I am still at home. Just when I think it is getting better things go in to vapour lock again. It does not help that it has been -27C the entire time and the humidity in the house is les than 25%. Anyway….soooon I hope.


  4. Debbie says:

    Hey Stu,
    I remembered your nose today and wondered if you had healed up nicely. You OK?

    • learn231 says:

      It took some time [4 weeks] but things are good. I can breath better than I did before the operation and am happy with the result. Worth the grief in the end. Thanks for asking.


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