Mobile [Learning] Nomad

Students [most in my opinion] are our mobile nomads.  They have embraced the technology, the mobile culture and the social nature of the network.  And each and every day, despite having to step back in time when they walk through the doors of their school, they forge ahead and continue to grow with the tech.

They will ultimately force us to change our thinking as educators or hopefully they become teachers themselves already prepared to leverage the possibilities presented by mobile and learning technologies.  In the meantime it is still irresponsible on the part of educators not to recognize the possibilities and make learning relevant by embracing that which surrounds us.  Turning our mobile nomads into learning nomads should be the goal of every teacher.

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2 Responses to Mobile [Learning] Nomad

  1. shakboot19 says:

    I say thanks for the nod of the head. When I first read your intro, I was a tad intimidated, because it seems like you have ALL the bells and whistles. I`m just a teacher who believes in fairy tales where everyone will live happily ever after. I like your learning nomad phrase.
    Have you heard of Toon Boom- an animation site ? Here`s a message from LEARN, as I had emailed from our intranet. I`d like to receive the training, however it`s not ready yet.
    `The software is made available to the school boards. They have just received the new files and will be installing it on school board computers this summer.
    We will run contests this Fall and prizes are usually Toon Boom copies for the winners.

    Short term free trials are on the Toon Boom site if you want to get started this Fall from home.

    There is a free Toon Boom Lite app if you have an ipad! `
    Take it easy, Haniyfa

  2. Stu says:

    Many teachers in this division use Toon Boom but it is not something we provide to all. I think we are rapidly moving to a time when we won’t provide any software to teachers and instead schools and individual teachers will determine what resources work best for their kids at that school. Teachers will select a suite of tools that work for themselves and studetns are encourage to choose those tools that work for them. What teachers design for learning activities then should not be dependent on a certain program or resource to accomplish the task. The emergence of we-based tools is making this move a lot easier.

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