Topics in Mobile Learning [some new to me]

How about some links to get you started on some specific topics within Mobile Learning.

•    Coordinated learning with the global positioning system
⁃    great resource to get teachers started with using GP is education
⁃    linking games and location based learning using mobile technology
⁃    inquiry learning and gps

•    Scan learning with camera phones and augmentation codes
⁃    nice blog about qr codes in general with a specific discussion about qr codes in education
⁃    complete information about qr cdes
⁃    social qr-codes messages

•    Secure proximity transactions (near field communication)
⁃    wikipedia definition of near field communication
⁃    NFC and Smart Universities
⁃    instructional strategies related to NFC

•    Mobile sensor and accelerometer technology in behavioral learning
⁃    Authentic Learning using mobile sensor technology – a research project [New Zealand]
⁃    Large-scale study of human behaviour patterns using mobile phones
⁃    Behavioral research related to autism and the use of sensor technology

•    User generated, real time content creation
⁃    Real-Time Search and Discovery of the Socail Web
⁃    assessing the quality of user generated content as learning resources
⁃    creation and distribution of real-time content
⁃    The Future Internet

•    Simulations for learning on mobile devices
⁃    Educause look at Learning Through Situated Simulations
⁃    Excellent literature review of Mobile Technologies in Learning which includes a discussion of simulations and mobile devices

•    Anywhere (context sensitive), anytime (ubiquitous) learning
⁃    EDUCAUSE look at anytime, anywhere learning
⁃    6 characteristics of ubiquitous learning
⁃    research paper from Athabasca university on ubiquitous learning and intense connectivity

•    Augmented simulations on mobile devices
⁃    augmented reality language learning
⁃    great introduction to augmented reality and mobile technology
⁃    great article on the move from elearnng to mlearning using augmented reality

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