Looking to the Future

So I have started my next class in CIS:ETL. This one has been a little difficult for me to get up and running. Why? Very busy at work, renovating an entire house, helping my oldest son finish a basement, new puppy [a Puggle – wow!], other things. Nothing new to many of you. But…this one is important to me. The education sector in particular needs to capture and understand the trends that will ultimately impact what we do. Not just educational trends but those from other/many sectors – business, finance, immigration, medicine…you name it. Seems like everything has something to do with education.

So…time to get to work and see if I can sort some of this out.

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One Response to Looking to the Future

  1. Trying to balance a busy life and still make time to add those things into it that matter and make an impact and a difference is difficult. What I’ve learned is that often the things that we need to do are often the hardest to achieve but they are also the most fulfulling. You seem to be very directed and clear about the path you want to undertake and I believe that once you get started you will be successful.

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