Education Response to Significant Change

Much of what I have been reading of late about educational trends [technology, pedagaogy, assessment, mobility, etc.] points to significant need for change in the K12 education community [as well as higher ed].  I was especially intrigued by a recent posting in Fast Company entitled Moving Toward 2020.

From a business perspective the article does a great job of describing the competitive pressures that are mounting on companies of all sizes.  Blogger Sam Herring explains in detail how declaring the next 10 [or so] years as the “learning decade’ for  companies holds promise.  Herring outlines 17 key drivers for this shift to a corporate learning culture and some are very telling for the education community….the brain drain, failing grade and future jobs for example.

These drivers speak to a vastly different business environment…one in which current students will have to compete in. So how will we [K12 and higher ed] respond?

The new certainty is uncertainty. Knowledge doesn’t provide all the answers. But learning and the application of newly acquired knowledge provide us with a framework for co-existing with the unknown and for keeping innovation and hard-earned revenues flowing, even when difficult conditions exist.

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