Trend Tracking Infrastructure

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Trend Tracking Infrastructure

I think the diagram adequately illustrates my online learning infrastructure. In this case I am talking specifically about leveraging the infrastructure to track trends but overall it supports my learning life. Notice I said support. The diagram does not include the people I have conversations with and learn from or the paper books, magazines and journals I read, the TV I watch, the radio I listen to, etc.  The diagram also does not illustrate the time management [or not in some cases] required to actually use the infrastructure appropriately.

It is also difficult to illustrate the ecosystem that now exists across my learning appliances. I use two significant services….Google Apps and Diigo.  Just about everything I do and capture is immediately available across and able to be published from all my devices.  This is an incredible thing….no more disjointed efforts to build capacity or to gather content and publish.

Creating the diagram makes three distinct trends increasingly clear..mobility, cloud-based activity [I don’t like the term cloud-based computing] and personal publishing.  And in fact, many of the posts by my compatriots in the Future Trends and Directions class  have been linked directly or indirectly to these specific trends.

BTW.  I consider Firefox [Chrome as well] as much a service as a tool.  Browsers have become so much more than browsers. Definitely the Swiss army knife of online learning.

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