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OER and Sustainability

As with most of my posts this one is presented from the perspective of K12 education.   I am sure some of the comments, suggestions and issues would be applicable to post-secondary but I am speaking generally about the unique aspects … Continue reading

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In Consideration of Accessibility?

In a previous post I described [actually the W3C described it] internationalization, localization and accessibility as it applies to Internet content.  Design, licensing and redistribution considerations are important in the creation of OER to maximize the audience and to minimize … Continue reading

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Copyright Complexity! Or should it be complication?

In consideration of copyright, creativity and control the question is: “Is the preponderance of different types of licenses making it easier to reuse resources, or is it adding another layer of complexity which in effect works to place a barrier … Continue reading

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Integrating OER in Teaching and Learning

The OER Handbook for Educators provides 8 steps for OER integration: Assess the validity and reliability of the OER. Determine placement within the curriculum, if not already done. Note that some OER integration may be abandoned at this point if … Continue reading

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Making it Right!

Internationalization/Localization/Accessibility [ILA] A quick Google search reveals many sites that can provide a definition and detailed description of both localization and internationalization. For a number of reasons I very quickly centered on the World Wide Web Consortium site as a … Continue reading

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Future Learning and OER

Imagine the day when students, because of the very nature of how they were taught, expect to and actually do verify the information they find online, work to produce content that adds to the body of knowledge in a given … Continue reading

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Open Source Creation

For a number of years I was responsible for the purchasing of all hardware and software for schools within my K12 division.  Despite the fact that the amount of money I was responsible for was significant it was invariably never … Continue reading

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