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Future Learning and OER

Imagine the day when students, because of the very nature of how they were taught, expect to and actually do verify the information they find online, work to produce content that adds to the body of knowledge in a given … Continue reading

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The Apple Influence #98825

I am not the first in this course to profile Apple but I think the company and the influence that it has provided is large enough for more than one person to tackle. Specifically related to mobility there is no … Continue reading

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The Changing role of Teachers #CCK11

The Demand for Change [Context] This posting definitely comes from the perspective of K-12 education and presents the view that the traditional role of teacher as the purveyor of all knowledge and the judge of all learning is antiquated at … Continue reading

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Now the pressure is on! #CCK11

So here we are…I am.   After years of being something of a lurker and only occasionally taking part in online conversation, circumstances dictate that I must now participate on an entirely different level.  This blog will, in the end, be … Continue reading

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